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A regulator is about your most important piece of scuba gear as it enables you to breathe safely underwater and connects to other parts of your gear. You should consider buying one if you don’t own one already.

Why? Because if not well-maintained, regulators are prone to failure. You’ll know if yours is well-maintained, but what about those ones that are used over and over in rental shops around the globe? However, the wide diversity of styles, shapes, and features out there can bring a sort of paralysis of choice. We’ll help you figure it out in today’s post! Read More On Our Scubatoys Blog

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Through our Commercial Scuba Equipment Department, we have supplied dive gear for all 4 military branches; Navy Seals, Army Divers, Marines and Air Force, FBI, Home Land Security, Border Patrol and even the Secret Service dive teams have purchased scuba equipment from us. No matter what scuba equipment your Dive Team needs, from Commercial Dive Equipment, Scuba Equipment Repairs, or any dive gear related products...Read More On Our Scubatoys Blog

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Q: I am thinking about buying a full setup of scuba equipment, can anyone help me with what dive gear I should buy?
When buying Scuba equipment there are few things you should consider. First would be how much do you want to spend on your dive gear, Prices for Scuba equipment range from budget starter to your more expensive top of the line dive gear. second make sure that the place your buy your Scuba equipment is an authorized dealer and that your dive gear will come with a factory warranty. For me the most important factor when buying dive gear is service, make sure the place you buy your dive gear is friendly and offers good customer service as well as have top of the line Scuba Equipment!




Read More On Our Scubatoys Blog
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Scubatoys is a full retail store that offers a large selection of the best Scuba Diving Equipment with the best discounted prices in the dive industry. We are very proud of our reputation of offering the best Scuba equipment deals as well as offering the best customer service in the dive business. If you're looking for just one piece of Scuba equipment or a full dive gear package we can save you a bunch of money on your dive gear purchase. We service most brands of Scuba equipment, let us take care of all your dive gear needs! Scubatoys is a family owned and operated business offering top of the Line Scuba Equipment at discount prices.About Scubatoys

This may sound like a cliché but that is how clichés start… We all believe if you treat your customers the way you would want to be treated then you will succeed!

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