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Scuba Certification Costs Explained

What does scuba certification cost?

That's a great question. Let's explain.

There are many names for the basic scuba certification some examples are: open water certification, diver certification, diving license, scuba diver certification, open water diver, ow scuba diver and on and on. All of these classes are the same thing with different names and is the starting point of all the scuba certifications. Everyone has to become OW Scuba Diver certified as the first certification.

The Open Water Scuba Diver certification class will certify you to dive any where in the world down to 60 feet of depth. The Open Water Scuba Diver certification is great for heading out to Cozumel and rolling off the boat with one of their dive masters guiding the way or even take a trip to Grand Cayman and visit the Sunset House and dive for a week with their staff. How much does scuba certification cost? OW Scuba Diver course cost is $199.95 plus materials ($74.95 - online class, log book and certification card).

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With all this in mind when you turned 16 and got that all important drivers license you didn't jump in your parents car and head out on a cross country trip? Did you?? Probably not because you needed some more experience and time behind the wheel, same thing goes for scuba diving.

What does Advanced Open Water Class Cost?

That's where the Advanced Scuba Diver or Advanced Open Water certification comes in to play. The Advanced Adventurer Diver Course puts you as the student in the drivers seat and is the next step in continuing your scuba education. You get to expand that diving knowledge and experience. The Advanced Adventurer certification will give you the chance to go on a deep dive (approx. 100 feet) and expand on those underwater navigation skills. You will also get to choose to expand on three other specialties like advanced buoyancy, boat diver or even marine ecosystem awareness.

Once you have this certification under your belt you should feel much more comfortable heading out to Bonaire and parking the rental truck at any of the many dive sites, setting up your gear and wading out to dive the coral walls with just you and your buddy, because now you're in control. How much does advanced open water scuba certification cost? The Advanced Adventurer Diver course cost is $299.95 plus materials ($49.95 - online class and certification card).

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What does Rescue Scuba Diver Class Cost?

Ready to take these skills to the next level?? The next step in continuing education is the Rescue Scuba Diver class. The Rescue Diver certification will give you skills you need to perform self rescues, buddy rescues even recognize and calm potential panic divers. This is a great certification for anyone who is already Advanced Open Water certified and wants to expand their diver training and knowledge or is interested in taking that next step to becoming a dive leader. You can expect to learn things like prevention and causes of diving accidents, diving lifesaving, hyper-baric injuries and management, accident management and so much more.

Now you have the knowledge to assess and even assist with dive related accidents and are ready to take on the next step, becoming a dive leader. How much does rescue scuba diver class cost? The Rescue Scuba Diver course cost is $299.95 plus materials ($49.95 - online course and certification card).

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There are endless ways to continue your education. There are many Specialty Diver courses you can take if you want to become a master at buoyancy take the Advanced Buoyancy Control Specialty course or be the diver that never gets lost take the UW Navigation Specialty course. These courses can be taken at any time once you are open water certified. Specialty courses pricing starts at $99.95 and just depends on the class. Call for specific pricing. (972)820-7667.

Hopefully this gives you a good answer to the question, how much does it cost to get your scuba certification cost. If you have any questions please give us a call @ (972) 820-7667 or email us at [email protected].


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