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Scuba Lessons and Scuba Certification

ScubaToys the leader for Scuba Lessons & Scuba Certifications in the north Dallas area. We have students from Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Little Elm, Allen, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Frisco, Arlington, Denton, Fort worth and more, that come to get their scuba certifications at our shop.

Your scuba certification class takes only two weekends and with our huge indoor heated pool, you will have all the water time you need, and students who take their scuba lessons at our facility are welcome to use our pool anytime they want to practice their skills, either during, or after their scuba certification.

We welcome you to browse the scuba certification courses we have listed here, and feel free to stop by and visit our facility… We can sign you up for your Open Water scuba class over the phone or thru Email.

DAN is the Divers Alert Network, the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. Serving scuba divers for more than 30 years, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities and more. Whether you are just learning how to scuba dive or are a veteran of the sport, DAN has a great deal to offer you.


Discover Scuba Class - $35.00

Everyone has wanted to try it! Since the first time you saw Mike Nelson or Jacques Cousteau, you've wanted to know what is was like to breathe underwater. Now is your chance!

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Open Water Class - Winter Special $299.95 plus $74.95 for Materials 

Let the underwater adventure begin!! Take an open water scuba diving class and be ready to dive blue water in as little as two weekends. Our professional scuba certification instructional staff will teach you the basic skills you need to safely enjoy and explore the underwater world in as little as two weekends.

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Advanced Open Water Class - $299.95 plus $49.95 for Materials

An advanced class is an excellent way to increase you knowledge and experience in Scuba, or to tune-up your diving skills if you're a little 'rusty'. In this class you will sample 6 different specialities and greatly increase your knowledge and comfort in the water.

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Nitrox Class - $124.95 

Nitrox is not a technical underwater breathing gas. In fact, the success and popularity of nitrox today is a result of the remarkable safety record of many thousands of recreational divers using nitrox since 1985.

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Refresher Class - $99.95

The Refresher class is designed for any certified diver who has not been diving for a year or more and feels a need to brush up on their skills. The three hour session covers: basic diving principles, Scuba equipment set up, and a Scuba skills pool dive.

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Rescue Class - $299.95 plus $49.95 for Materials 

A Rescue Class will help prepare you for any type of diving emergency. This class is mandatory to move on to Divemaster and instructor - but should not be thought of as a class for professionals only. Picture yourself in a Diving situation where there is an emergency. Do you have the training and experience to handle the situation? After this class, you will!

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First Aid / CPR Course - $125.00 plus Materials 

The First Aid course is a comprehensive course in standard first aid, aquatic life injuries first aid and scuba diving maladies first aid, CPR (including skills for the professional rescuer), AED.

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Dan O2 Provider - $99.95 plus Materials 

The DAN Oxygen Provider course gives you hands on experience in the proper administration of oxygen to dive accident victims. DAN, the Divers Alert Network is a non-profit organization affiliated with Duke University Medical hospital.

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Master Diver - $450.00 plus Materials 

Gain the in-depth knowledge that will establish you as a recognized authority in your diving club or group. Hone your diving skills to the level of a professional Leader. Thrill to the adventure of open water dives in settings that will test your abilities to their limit while enhancing and expanding your diving capabilities.

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Divemaster - $650.00 plus Materials 

If you are ready to take the step to becoming a professional, Divemaster is your course.The Divemaster Program will give you an instructor level of knowledge as well as practical experience working with divers and students in a supervisory position.

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Instructor Program - $2400.00 plus Materials 

If becoming an instructor is your goal - We can help. 

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Instructor Trainer Course - Call for Pricing and Info 972-820-7667


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