High Pressure Rubber Hose

High Pressure Rubber Hose
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Note: HP Spool is not included but is an optional upgrade.

The High Pressure Rubber Hose is available in 13 different lengths. All of the Rubber hoses are nitrox compatible up to 40% These are standard High Pressure hoses with 7/16-inch Male fitting that will fit in the HP port of your first stage and 7/16-inch female fitting that will fit most high pressure SPG's or air integrated dive computers with the use of a high pressure air spool.

Note that all high pressure hoses use an 'air spool' with two tiny o-rings to mate the swivel connector on the hose to the fitting on the gauge. The air spool is not included with the hose but we recommend replacing the air spool when replacing the hose. The standard spool has the disc flange in the center but a few SPGs, typically the plastic body ones, may only accept a spool without a shoulder in which case you will need the straight polished version.

Typical length of a High Pressure Rubber Hose is 32", however some divers like to hold their consoles a little further out and they would need 42".Most tech divers will use a 24" to keep it nice and tight. You can also use the 4" or 6" to extend a wireless transmitter from the first stage.

High Pressure Rubber Hose Special Features:
Chrome Plated Brass Fittings
Length Measured from end to end including fittings and threads
7/16-inch Male to first stage and 7/16-inch female SPG
Nitrox Compatible up to 40%

Available Sizes:
6" Black
22" Black
24" Black
26" Black
28" Black
30" Black
32" Black
34" Black
36" Black
38" Black
40" Black
42" Black
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