Cetacea BCQR3

Cetacea BCQR3
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The Cetacea BCQR3 was designed to attach to your BCD D-Ring but with the 2 inch quick link, you can basically attach it anywhere. The Cetacea BCQR3 is made up of 1 inch Stainless Steel quick link attached to 1 inch nylon webbing and a female 1 inch quick release buckle. This is very similar to the BCQR1 but uses the quick link instead of the BCD clip. The quick link will keep the clip better secured and the accessory closer to the diver with less range to swing. This clip is great for attaching to your camera of anything with a little extra weight or value as it is more secure and far stronger having the quick link.

Cetacea BCQR3 Is Available In Four Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

If you like to hang things on your wrist, you should try this Cetcea BCQR3 and the Cetacea QRWL2.
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