Hollis 100LX + DC3 Regulator

Hollis 100LX + DC3 Regulator
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The Hollis 100LX + DC3 Regulator has the performance of the 150LX, but is paired with the DC3 for a great value regulator. The Hollis 100LX + DC3 Regulator comes standard with MiFlex® hose and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual color tabs. The Hollis 100LX + DC3 Regulator comes standard in both YOKE or DIN configuration.

Hollis 100LX + DC3 Regulator Special Features:
Pneumatically balanced chromed-plated brass valve results in smooth, easy breathing
Reversible demand valve, can be converted from right-handed hose configuration to left-handed hose configuration
Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch: Large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to locate and use
Chrome Plated Brass Valve
Ergonomic exhaust channels bubbles away from field of view and reduces exhaust effort
Improved orthodontic mouthpiece with dual color tabs
Plastic Cosmetic Ring
MiFlex® braided hose
Paired with the DC3 1st stage as Primary regulator
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