Seac MX100 Regulator

Seac MX100 Regulator
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The Seac MX100 Regulator is a synonymous combination with reliability and safety as well as case and simplicity of maintenance. The Seac MX100 Regulator features a compact and light weight diaphragm 1st stage constructed in shiny chrome-plated brass. The 4 Ample slots on the frontal ring nut increase the passage of water to optimize thermal exchange. The high-end version features an interchangeable stainless steel valve seat constructed to reduce wear and eliminate oxidation. The second stage, thanks to new mechanics, offers high performance and stability under all conditions.

Seac MX100 Regulator Special features:
Safe and reliable
compact and light weight
4 ample slots on the frontal ring nut to increase the passage of water

NOTE: MX100 is now ONLY available in Yoke version!
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