XS Scuba Phantom SL BCD

XS Scuba Phantom SL BCD
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The XS Scuba Phantom SL BC is a weight-integrated back-inflation BC. It will improve your buoyancy by allowing you to spread your lead. The XS Scuba Phantom SL BC offers many unique features making it comfortable and fun to dive.

XS Scuba Phantom SL BC Features:

The XS Scuba Phantom SL BC comes with XS Scuba’s Micro Inflator but a MultiMax breathable inflator option is available.

Weight pockets mounted up high on the shoulders for excellent lead spreading capability

Each pocket holds 2 x 2 lb weights (hard or mesh weights)

A total of 8 lbs (3.6 kg) can now be moved forward on the diver’s body

An internal, heavy-duty polyethylene chassis extends well into the shoulders to support the shoulder weight pockets and to keep diver’s shoulders comfortable

Includes a pair of 1 lb (454 g) ankle weights

Catch n’ Release™ weight system for the easiest loading weight pockets with single pull ditch for safety

Secure your weights with visual, audible, and tactile confirmation

Swivel shoulder buckles optimize the routing of the shoulder straps for a more custom fit

Enlarged thumb loops accommodate gloved thumbs to more easily pull down on the shoulder straps

Increased back padding for added comfort

Lowered tank band integrates into BC’s waistband to transfer the cylinder’s weight to the hips

Tank band features a stainless steel separating cam buckle for easy cylinder change-out

No hard backpack allows the cylinder to stay in close, next to your body which makes the cylinder feel lighter

Drop-down right pocket can hold slates or a small flashlight

Knife mounting grommets on the left pocket

6 stainless steel D-rings provide many attachment options

Only 4 sizes are needed to fit divers from XXS to XXL

Note* The picture shows the XS Scuba Phantom SL BC with the XS Scuba MultiMax Breathable Inflator. The BCD comes with the Micro standard inflator unless you choose to upgrade to the MultiMax. 

XS Scuba Phantom BCD Size Chart:

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