XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt

XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt
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The XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt is by far the most popular weight belt on the market. With 3 different size variations and 2 colors to choose from, there's one for everyone. The XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt is a perfect belt for those who want something nicer than a standard weight belt, and don't want to carry the bulky neoprene belts. Individual weight pockets each hold up to 5lbs weights (hard or soft). With the stainless steel weight keepers before and after each set of pockets, you can easily adjust the XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt to your size. To keep the XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt streamline you can use the hook and loop on the pockets to flatten the unused pockets.

XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt Features:

The most popular weight belt sold today

Unique pocket weight belt design

Quick and easy adjustment to your size

Each pocket holds up to 5 lbs of hard or shot lead

Unused pockets hook-and-loop flat and streamlined

Four stainless steel weight keepers

Built rental tough with 1000D Cordura®

Includes ClearPath weight belt buckle

XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belt Available Options:

Size - 4 Pockets - up to 20 lbs, works with small waist, 6 Pockets - up to 30 lbs, waist 32 and up, 8 Pockets - up to 40 lbs, waist 36 and up

Color - Black or Blue

You choose 3 lbs Hard Weights or 3 lbs Sea Pearls Soft Weights
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