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SeaCure Mouthpiece
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The Seacure X-Type Mouthpiece is the Only mouthpiece GUARANTEED to fit you Perfectly!

SeaCure X-Type Mouthpiece is a unique, moldable mouthpiece designed to precisely fit the individual diver’s mouth, teeth, gums and jaw configuration to provide maximum support of a regulator and, thus, eliminate jaw fatigue. The professional as well as the recreational diver will find SeaCure X-Type Mouthpieces to be extremely well suited for all types of diving conditions.

The newest model, the X TYPE, offers a totally new X shaped profile, which significantly reduces bulk, virtually eliminates gagging and improves molding by earlier engagement of the teeth during closure. The new X TYPE also includes an improved one piece molding and sealing attachment with a bite limiter which eliminates the possibility of over closure during the heat molding process. Over closure reduces air flow during diving. The attachment is used in the molding process and then to keep debris out of the regulator.

In addition to the previous sizes, the X TYPE is available in 2 NEW SIZES to fit Apeks, Poseidon and many rebreathers.

Finding a mouthpiece that offers both unbeatable security and comfort has forever been the diver’s dilemma. SeaCure X-Type Mouthpiece has been the definitive answer since 1992.

It is the only moldable "and remoldable" mouthpiece offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions. SeaCure Mouthpiece was created by an orthodontist, to fit your mouth, teeth and gums perfectly. You boil and bite this so the mouthpiece fits your mouth perfectly!

With four colors to choose from. 
Type 1 comes in: Clear, Blue, Black and Pink
Type 2 comes in: Clear, Blue, Black and Pink
Type 3 comes in: Clear, Blue, Black and Pink
Type 4 comes in: Clear, Blue, Black and Pink
Type 5 comes in: Clear, Blue, Black and Pink

Make sure to choose the one that fits your regulator.

Regs that use Type I have a standard lip 1-1/8” x 1/2” and include:
  • AQUA LUNG older metal regulators, Conshelf 7 Through 21 - Snug
  • ATOMIC – manufactured pre 2005 only
  • BEUCHAT Evolution, Iceberg & Nitrox, VXT8, VXT Octo, VX4, VX80,
  • CRESSI-SUB (all except Ellipse uses a II),
  • DACOR - after 1992,
  • IST (except Proline is a II),
  • PRO SUB (Avalon),
  • SCUBAPRO (All models before the A700, and S600, S360, S560, R095)
  • SEAC,
  • SHERWOOD (most early model Brut, Shadow, MagnumII, Oasis, pre 1992 Blizzard),
  • SubGear ("R" Series)
  • TABATA/TUSA (not TUSA Imprex),

Regs that use Type II have a standard lip 1-3/16” x 5/8” and include:
  • AERIS,
  • AQUA LUNG newer, including Titan, Legend, Kronos and Mikron
  • Atomic (Measure or try on, Pre 2005 Use a 1 Newer Large orifice use 2)
  • BEUCHAT VS3, VS4, VS8, VX10
  • DACOR Viper, Eagle
  • DIVE RITE, including O2ptima Rebreather, but not the Jet Stream 4500
  • Epic Edge
  • Hog
  • HOLLIS (except 500SE is a 4)
  • MARES-newer models (but not MARES MR-12-II, III, IV or V)
  • OCEANIC (cannot fit Zeta)
  • SCUBAPRO (Models after 2010, including A700, C200, C300, G260, R195)
  • SHERWOOD (Maximus,Oasis, 2/92 and newer Blizzard, SR1)
  • SubGear SG50, SG30, SG10
  • XS SCUBA (previously IDI, Osprey is a I)

Regs that use Type III (same diameter as a size I with double retention ribbing) include:
  • AQUA LUNG older plastic regulators including Micra,(these regulators do not have the conventional retention lip on the mouthpiece orifice common to all other regulators and therefore no other SeaCure model should be used)

New Specialty Sizes

Reg's and Rebreathers that use Type IV have 1-5/16" x 11/16" Lip include:
  • Apeks
  • Golem Shrimp BOV
  • Hollis 500SE, Prism Rebreather
  • Inspiration Rebreather
  • ISC Megladon
  • Kiss Rebreather
  • Posiedon Rebreather (Snug Fit)
  • Titan Rebreather
  • Zeagle
Reg's that use Type V have 1-7/16" x 13/16" Lip include:
  • Poseidon Regulators

NOTE - If not sure of the correct size, simply measure the orifice of the regulator or rebreather (outside edge, top to bottom and side to side), or try it on.

Snorkels that use SeaCure Mouthpiece
  • Size 1 - Amico, Coral, CressiSub, Dacor, Dive Buddy, Kapitol Reef, Netex, Oceanic, Reef Buddy and Seaquest
  • Size 2 - Chairo, H2Odyssey, IDI, Parkway, Pic and Technisub
  • Size 3 - Aqualung Impulse, SeaVision

About SeaCure Mouthpieces
SeaCure mouthpiece was invented by orthodontist and TMJ (jaw joint) expert, Dr Randall Moles. Back in the early 90s, he had a TMJ patient who asked for his advice. She was a diver and was having major problems clenching the standard regulator mouthpieces while diving without bad jaw pain and headaches. But she loved to dive! What could she do? Dr Moles began to work on a moldable mouthpiece that would "hang on” to the teeth without the constant clenching required by the standard mouthpiece. It worked for her and she was very grateful. And, it has "worked” for thousands of divers since. Many divers do not know what is giving them headaches on dive trips, and once they are using a SeaCure, they no longer have them. Even divers without a jaw problem find a SeaCure mouthpiece to be very, very comfortable. They also find it to stay in with no effort at all, even, we’ve been told, while asleep!

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