Cetacea QRBCS1

Cetacea QRBCS1
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The Cetacea QRBCS1 was designed to attach to any accessory you may think of that doesn't have a standard clip attachment. With the 1 inch nylon webbing you can wrap it around tightly and secure it with the 1 inch plastic slide. Most commonly used with consoles with larger loops that make it almost impossible to attach a clip or split ring to. You can trim the access material on your Cetacea QRBCS1 once fitted to your equipment.

Cetacea QRBCS1 Is Available In Four Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

You will most likely need a way to attach this clip to your BCD. If you do, I would take a look at the Cetacea BCQR1.
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