Cetacea O Ring Kit

Cetacea O Ring Kit
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The Cetacea O-Ring Kit comes in two sizes, the 10 piece or the 40 piece. The Cetacea O-Ring Kits include the most popular sizes for the tanks, Regulators and gauges. They contain most of what you could need while out on a boat in a pinch.

10 Piece Cetacea O-ring Kit Contains:

  • R112 x2
  • R014 x2
  • R013 x2
  • R012 x2
  • R011 x2

    40 Piece Cetacea O-ring Kit Contains:

  • R112 x10
  • R014 x10
  • R013 x5
  • R012 x5
  • R011 x5
  • R003 x5

    Diving Nitrox or anything that requires a higher level of Oxygen? You may need the Viton O2 Compatible O-rings instead.
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