DUI TLS350 DrySuit

DUI TLS350 DrySuit
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The DUI TLS350 DrySuit can be used on any type of dive, whether you're a dive professional search and rescue diver, technical diver mapping a new cave system, or a recreational diver on any given weekend, the DUI TLS350 DrySuit can take you where no one has gone before with its convenient self donning front entry and durable trilaminate material.

DUI's most popular drysuit. Made with nylon/butyl rubber/nylon and is DUI’s most popular drysuit. Lightweight, fast drying and ideal for travel. The drysuit of choice for underwater photographers, deep cave exploration and even the US Navy SEALs. By varying the insulation underneath, you can use the TLS350 in the warm waters of Florida to the ice-covered seas of Antarctica.

comes with Apeks inlet and automatic exhaust valves, double layer material over knee area, suspenders, crotch strap, Warm neck collar, Zipper guard, your standard latex seals or neoprene or upgrade to Zip seals and or dry gloves, Rock Boot System, DUI drysuit bag, talc and zipper ease.

Available Sizes
  • Men's or Women's Small-Short
  • Men's or Women's Small
  • Men's or Women's Small-Tall
  • Men's or Women's Medium-Short
  • Men's or Women's Medium
  • Men's or Women's Medium-Tall
  • Women's Medium-Large-Short (Only Available in Women's)
  • Women's Medium-Large (Only Available in Women's)
  • Women's Medium-Large-Tall (Only Available in Women's)
  • Men's or Women's Large-Short
  • Men's or Women's Large
  • Men's or Women's Large-Tall
  • Men's or Women's X-Large-Short
  • Men's or Women's X-Large
  • Men's or Women's X-Large-Tall
  • Men's or Women's XX-Large-Short
  • Men's or Women's XX-Large
  • Men's or Women's XX-Large-Tall

Available Options:
  • Lower body Colors - Black or Navy Blue
  • Wrist Seals - Standard Latex, Standard Neoprene or Latex Zip Seal, Silicone Zip Seal , Neoprene Zip Glove, Rubber Zip Glove Max Dexterity (orange) or Rubber Zip Glove Heavy Duty (Blue)
  • Neck Seals - Standard Latex, Standard Neoprene or Latex Zip Seal, Silicone Zip Seal or Latex Zip Neck & Hood Combo.
  • Boots - Rock Boots & Turbo Boots or Upgrade to TurboTec Boots
  • Upper Body - 15 Nylon Fabric Color Choices Aqua, Black, Bluejay, Fuchsia, Gray, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver or Yellow (Custom fabric & color options available upon request)

Special Features:
  • Drysuit fabric is a trilaminate material made of nylon / butyl rubber /nylon – available in your choice of black or navy
  • Select from 15 Men’s and 18 Women’s Sizes
  • Select your upper body colors from an extensive list of colors and fabrics
  • Select your seals including patented ZipSeals with silicone or latex, attached latex, neoprene or any combination
  • Select your size and choice of RockBoot System or TurboBoots
  • QuickZip front-entry zipper
  • Telescoping torso, suspenders, crotch strap
  • Zipper guard & warm neck collar
  • Apeks swivel inlet & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves and 36” inflator hose with over-sized quick disconnect
  • Internal waist adjustment cord
  • Double layer material over knee area for extra durability
  • Includes a DUI drysuit bag, talc and ZipStick
DUI offers a Public Safety version of this called the DUI TLS350 Public Safety Drysuit.

DUI offers many custom options and made to order sizing. Due to the numerous options such as custom colors, Zip seals and dry gloves systems... please call so we can help get you in the suit that would best meet your needs, not to mention save you a BUNDLE OF MONEY!
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