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Scuba Regulators, Regs

Scuba Regulators, Scuba Regs

Picking out the right Scuba Regulator can sometimes be a daunting task. There are many features on scuba regulators that you may want to consider. First off, scuba regulators are divided into Piston and Diaphragm regulators. While honestly, there is not a major difference, people doing cold water (below 40 degrees F) normally prefer a diaphragm scuba regulator as they are easier to freeze proof with an envirironmental kit.

Other options that can vary on scuba regulators is whether the second stage (the part that goes in your mouth) has and adjustment on it. An adjustable scuba regulator gives you the option to tune the regulator to have an easier inhalation effort during your dive.

Another feature that varies among scuba regulators is swivels. Some folks complain about the hose pull with a regulator, and a swivel either on the first stage (the part that hooks on to the tank) or the second stage can help cut down on the amount of hose pull you experience with your scuba regulator.

You will see a huge variance in prices on scuba regulators, and besides features, that is caused by the Performance of the regulator. A high performance regulator will breathe virtually the same at 260 feet as it does at 30 feet. If you are doing recreational depths, most your dives in the 60 - 100 foot max range, then really any of todays regulators will get the job done for you.

Below you will find a sampling of some Regulators. You can find all our Scuba Regulator products by clicking on Regulators in the left menu.

Dive Rite Regulator NecklaceDive Rite Regulator Necklace
Manta Regulator NecklaceManta Regulator Necklace
Aluminum Din Regulator CapAluminum Din Regulator Cap
Scubatoys Regulator BagScubatoys Regulator Bag
Atomic Z2 and Z3 Regulator Color KitAtomic Z2 and Z3 Regulator Color Kit
Regulator 2nd Stage Ball SwivelRegulator 2nd Stage Ball Swivel
Atomic ST1 Regulator Color KitAtomic ST1 Regulator Color Kit
Atomic B2 Regulator Color KitAtomic B2 Regulator Color Kit
Highland Compact DIN First Stage RegulatorHighland Compact DIN First Stage Regulator
Drysuit Inflation RegulatorDrysuit Inflation Regulator
XS Scuba Hookah Second Stage RegulatorXS Scuba Hookah Second Stage Regulator
HOG Classic Second Stage RegulatorHOG Classic Second Stage Regulator
Dive Rite XT2 Second Stage RegulatorDive Rite XT2 Second Stage Regulator
Dive Rite Oxygen Decompression RegulatorDive Rite Oxygen Decompression Regulator
Cressi XS2/AC2 RegulatorCressi XS2/AC2 Regulator
Genesis Yukon RegulatorGenesis Yukon Regulator
Genesis Atlas RegulatorGenesis Atlas Regulator
HOG D1 First Stage Sealed RegulatorHOG D1 First Stage Sealed Regulator
Hollis DC1 First Stage RegulatorHollis DC1 First Stage Regulator
Hollis DC2 First Stage RegulatorHollis DC2 First Stage Regulator
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