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So by this point, you have the building, you got the financing, the city will approve your business, you have your drawings. It's time to put this thing together. Hopefully, by this point you've put a lot of thought into what you want the place to look like. I tell people to do this. Kick back, close your eyes, and picture that you are a player showing up to play. Get a good mental picture of everything as you go through a day there. And take notes of things you are imagining that you don't have.

For example, you drive up to the place. Is there a sign?? How big? You park the car. What is the parking like, asphalt? Concrete? Need some parking stripes on it too. Now you walk up to the door. Any signs on the door? You walk in. Where is the counter where you check in? Is there enough room for folks to fill out waivers? Got a table for that? Or a big counter? You hand someone the money. Where do they put it? Cash register? Just a drawer? They give you an arm band. (Got to remember to order those!) Then you go to the staging area and put down your stuff. What kind of tables? Picnic tables with attached chairs? Or independent tables and chairs. Where do you go to watch the briefing?

Now in a bit, I'll go into all these aspects of our field - and let you know how we set things up, but this is an excellent exercise to go through. You will find lots of things you need to address. Where is the chrono? How are the bathrooms set up? Where do you get on and off the field? Is there a place to clean up your stuff? Or just the sink in the bathroom? Paper towels and lots of garbage cans? What is on the floor of the staging area?

Then head out onto the field. What kind of door? Are there windows to see the field from the staging area? What does the netting look like? What kind of lights? What is on the floor? The walls? Is there more than one field? Can you get from the staging area to both fields without getting hit?

After you walk through your new facility in your mind as a customer, then go back and do it as the owner or employee. You show up to work and unlock the door. Where is the alarm pad? Where are the light switches? Where do you keep the money during the day? Do you have a safe to put the days receipts in? How can you contact your ref in the different fields? How do you determine who is on the field next? How do you call games and get people on and off the fields? Where are the fill stations? The compressor?

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Walk around your place in your mind several times alternating from customer to employee and each time you will probably find another thing you forgot and will have to address. Do this a few times before you read on any farther as next I will walk you through our place, but you might get ideas that are better than what we are doing, and if you read mine before you "walk" through yours - you might leave out some real good thoughts.

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