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Cheap Airline Tickets

Take a Trip - Vacation Time

Time for you to tap the brakes. You've done your research, found the right place, but before you go any further, book yourself on a trip. Grab some cheap airline tickets, and plan a cheap trip and vacation to go look at some other fields. I'd suggest you travel over and hit mine - and say hi. Do some research, and find any other place that are about the same size as you are looking at starting, and book a cheap plane ticket to there. Travel a bit and go visit.

I did the same thing. Booked some cheap airline tickets for just $125 airfare for a vacation to Arizona, grabbed another cheap flight for a trip up to Wisconsin, and hit some other places with indoor fields. I'd rent a cheap car, get a cheap hotel room stay for a day or so and play a game or two, but basically just hang out, talk to the players, talk to the parents sitting around. Get a feel of each place for how they ran things. Then after a few days of working vacation, back in the rental car to the airport, and fly back home, reviewing my notes on the airplane.

Seriously, the low cost of some cheap airline tickets and a cheap hotel rooms saved 100 times over by ideas you'll get for things to do - and not do. So take a trip, get on a plane - and go hunting any other field you can find.

I flew to ones that had dirt floors, turf floors. I flew to ones with one big field, two small ones. I checked out everything I could, took notes, and flying back, I'd look at all the pictures I took, studied their pricing, brochures, etc.

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Again - tap the brakes and take a trip.

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