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The big question that faces everyone thinking of opening a business, is; "Should I go and do it on my own, or should I buy a paintball franchise?"

Truthfully, there are advantages to both. If doing it on your own, you have complete control of what you want the business to be. With a paintball franchise, the paintball franchisor sets down rules, included in the Paintball Franchise Disclosure Documents and the Paintball Franchise Owners Manual, on aspects of what you can and can't do with your business. So you need to decide, do you like the model of the paintball franchise, and can operate within the parameters they set, or are you a "go it on your own" type of personality.

One way to look at it is a Paintball Franchise is like guard rails on your road to business success. Some franchises those rails are pretty narrow. You will have virtually no leeway in running your business. Some will set hiring practices, pricing, days and hours you need to be open, what promotions you are allowed to run, what products you can sell, etc. Others are more flexible and will let you set your own pricing, etc, but will guide you on how the business should be run.

Companies offering franchises don't really make much (if any) money from you buying a franchise. A franchise fee may be $25,000 or so, but most that is absorbed by the franchisor in costs of marketing, paper work, training, etc. The franchisors goal is for the franchisee to make a successful business, as a Franchisee will pay about 6-8% (or more) of their gross sales to the franchisor. With this model, it makes it to where the franchisor really wants their Franchisee's to be successful.

Here at GatSplat, we had so many people visit our facility and ask if we had a franchise option available, we went and created the GatSplat paintball franchise model and documents. You can read more about the franchise at

I doubt a day goes by that I don't talk to someone who wants to open a field, and tells me that they really don't need to have a paintball franchise because they have been in the paintball industry for years, have played tournaments all over the country. Maybe they even worked at a field for a while. In perspective, that is like saying someone is qualified to open a restaurant because they have been eating for years, and worked as a waiter in a restaurant for a while. That does not equate to business experience that will allow you to run a successful business.

The question that you really need to ask, is if you feel it would be beneficial to have a road map for a proven business model, including all aspects from determining the proper location after analyzing the Demographics, assistance with the architectural design, someone assisting you with the problem netting for the field, and more importantly, the important aspects of day to day running of a business to maximize profits. How much extra profits could a business see if they have a comprehensive training course on how to run their business, and mentors to turn to to help with all aspects of the business?

A properly run business in the right area can bring in fantastic profits. A poorly run business can wipe out someone's savings in the matter or a year or two. Making the decision to go it on your own, or consider a Paintball Franchise is one of those decisions you will have to make on your own.

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