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Field Drainage

Water needs to go somewhere - how do you handle that? I have heard from multiple fields that they handle it in different ways. I've talked to fields that used extensive under turf draining systems. Others do nothing.

It would be nice to at least have a few drains, maybe at each end of the field. When we had to go in and do the first initial cleaning of the turf - it was handy. We even hooked up a constant flow hot water heater, so we could flood the field with very hot water to wash everything down the drains. We located the drain holes below the turf, and cut tiny little holes to help the water get through. The concept was, the hot water would break up the grease, and it would flow to these drains and out.

The more water you use, obviously the more drains you will need. I also know of people that don't use drains at all, and they use absorbent materials to soak up moisture off the turf. The place I bought my turf from did their field by sprinkling DE on the turf, then using a pull behind yard pick up device with brushes (for picking up leaves in your back yard) pulled by a small lawn tractor or a 4 wheeler. I've also heard of people using kitty litter to try to get up moisture and knock down odors.

We also put drains in the staging area - thinking we could hose that down when it got greasy, but again - a waste of time an and money. You can't leave the concrete floor. You have to cover it with something, otherwise it just gets too slippery. After being open for the first weekend, a customer came walking in off the field wearing turf cleats, and hit the now greasy concrete floor, and out went his feet from under him, and bang - onto the floor.

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Until I had a better solution, I ran to home depot and got some of the stuff you pour down on oil spills, and spread that around the floor to stop it from being slippery. And this was in spite of the fact that I had used the concrete paint with the texture sand in it. Very expensive stuff - 50 bucks a gallon for special non-slip garage floor epoxy - and it was still slippery. I know of fields that run turf throughout the lobby or you can use carpet, and that will take constant steam cleaning. Our bathrooms each have floor drains, as they require constant cleaning and being able to soak down restrooms and let it run down drains works out easier than mopping up.

So the secret will be to use properly placed drains, and carpet and turf that needs to be steam cleaned often. So now we'll talk about steam cleaning.

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