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Outdoor Advertising Billboards for Walls

Billboards?? We're still making the field - why are we talking about advertising?? We're really not. But sorta. It turns out that I wanted to get a jump on the marketing, and so I decided to take out some billboard ads on the highway at the exit then lead to our field.

I've done billboard advertising before for my Scuba Shop, so I knew it was a bit expensive - but it does help kick start your business. So I decided to toss up one with the "Indoor Paintball Coming in September" sign on it with a gun, people playing, and stuff for birthday parties, corporate events, etc. But as luck would have it - I screwed up the bill board design. They normally charge about $700 to make a bill board for you, but normally toss that in if you have it up for 6 months or so. But if you put one up this week, then decide to change it - plan on spending about the $700 for them to make a new billboard for you. It was an expensive lesson - that saved me a ton of money!

Now you are probably asking, "How did a $700 mistake on a billboard make you money?!"

Glad you asked! I asked my sales rep what they did with the old billboard. And she explained - they just throw them away when they're done with them. And they have so many billboards that are made to run for just a specific time frame, like "Come to the races June 2nd" or "Guitar Show at the Convention Center August 25th." After those billboards come down - they toss 'em. Same for a lot of national advertising billboard campaigns. They know that people get bored reading the same ad, so they change them every few months, and just trash the old billboards. So I asked if I could have some old ones - and they gave me as many as I wanted.

Outdoor billboards are very heavy duty vinyl that measures 50 feet long by 15 feet high for a standard bill board. And they have a seamed loop at the top and bottom where they pull cable through to stretch them onto the billboards. What we did was take these and run pvc pipe through them, then ran cables pulled tight, and zip tied the cable to the PVC and bingo, cheap and durable wall coverings. Remember, we had the Blown Foam Insulation on the walls, and that stuff would get picked at, rubbed on, etc. Running sheet rock throughout the whole building would have cost about $40,000 - My billboards.. FREE!!!

Now we have two fields, and for our main front field, and the other is our back field. We started out with a western theme in the back field (bad idea - we'll talk about that later) and so we picked cool looking banners, and put the picture side out. Things like the cute girl in the cowboy hat with the coors commercial, or my ScubaToys billboard, etc. You can see that in the picture above.

But for the main field, we wanted just a real clean white look - and remember - white is good as it helps with your lighting. So for the main field, we just turned the ads toward the walls, and ran the white side out. We also used this in our staging area to cover walls that we didn't want to go through the expense of sheet rocking, floating, painting, etc. And this works great! If they take a paintball hit - they clean off easy, you can just hose them, and if they ever do get ratty looking (and ours haven't in 2 years) you just pull them down and put up another!

Here is a shot of the top of some of them in my lobby. You can see the PVC going through the loops in the top - then some zip ties and viola'! Instant, cheap walls for you! As an additional note, if you want, for the $700, you can have a billboard printing company print anything you want on there - so if you want to do up a big logo, paintball scene, whatever - just have them make it for you. Still cheaper than sheet rock and paint!

If you look close on the right hand side, you will see the yellow of the foam that is showing by the holes we cut for the zip ties. Uh - cut smaller holes like we did on the left side there. You can also see we have a speaker hanging from the ceiling there.

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We'll go into that later - but if you are building at this point - you may want to get your speakers up on the field, and in the staging area before you put up all your netting and walls.

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