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ADT Sensormatic Anti Theft System

A big problem that people run into when running a business like this is keeping track of their equipment. We tried doing the systems of numbering all the equipment, then on the waivers, and on the renters wrist band, write down the number. So the idea is, little Johnnie should have gun #33, because 33 is written on his wrist band, and his waiver he turned in. But here's the problem... Mom shouts out, "That's it, everyone turn in your stuff, we are going kids!" and suddenly a dozen kids pile their guns on your return counter. And little Johnnie turns in gun #22... not #33. So who was supposed to have #22? And do they have #33, but Mom and the kids are already heading to the door to leave, and you have another group of 6 people that need a gun, and so you have to clean up and rent out #22 and #33...

This became a huge nightmare for us. Add in the problem with a gun going down, and you hand a kid a new one, then you have to remember to change his wrist band, his waiver, etc, to reflect the new number. We were spending a lot of time in labor, and still, gear was making it's way out the door, and it was too hard to figure out a good system

Sensormatic Tag In walks the ADT Sensormatic anti-theft systems. You've seen these. The Sensormatic towers are sitting by every Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Best Buy... you name it, you will see the Sensormatic anti theft devices. These are the things that make the loud "Beep... Beep..." when you try to go out the door with something that has not been "deactivated". They do that to any device that has the Sensormatic Tag in it.

So now all you have to do is drop a sensormatic tag into all your rental gear. And there are different types of tags. You've probably seen the one that is pictured above here to the right. And you've probably seen the ones that are known as "hard tags" that they use on leather coats at the department stores. Some tags, like the cheap soft ones that you see in lots of products, can be "deactivated" with a Sensormatic deactivator.Sensormatic Deactivator

It turns out a lot of products, like Spyder Guns, Revy Hoppers, etc have sensormatic tags right in the product itself. So when someone walks in with their gear bag, you get the "Beep, Beep, Beep..." So you will need a deactivator to find the product that is setting off the anti-theft device, and deactivate it. This whole system uses a very high frequency that detects the tags - it is not magnetic - so a magnet, or demagnitizer will not disable these... you have to use their deactivator. This is good, as if you have a customer that wants to steal something, they cannot deactivate your tags with a magnet.

In fact, the "hard tags" cannot be deactivated at all, so those are the ones we put in all our equipment. They cost a bit more, about 50 cents per tag, instead of 5 cents a tag... but you only need one for each gun, tank, pod pack, etc. I could tell you how we put in the tags on the different gear, but your guns may be different than ours, and may not work the same. But if you do get your business open, and buy a Sensormatic ADT Anti-Theft system, I'll be glad to share how we did ours.

Then you just have to set up your door towers. Now these things can span up to a 10 foot width, but depending on the size of your opening, you may need several of them. We got away with one unit and a booster, but if you have a wider door, you might need two towers, or three as shown here. Then you just have to make sure that everyone coming or going on your field has to walk by these towers. We have been using this sytem for 6 years now, and in 6 years, we lost less stuff than we did in the first 6 months without it. These systems are not cheap - but if you check some of the ads on this page, or search for the systems, you will see a lot of the companies have used systems. I bought mine used from ebay and it was about $950 at the time. I then paid $250 to have adt come set it up. Worth every penny in just my labor savings alone.

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