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How Many Shots Can I get with Compressed Air Paintball Tank?

Obvously, that varies with the Paintball gun, and the Paintball tank, and the pressure you are dealing with. This handy calculator will give you a good ball park of what you can expect - depending on your paintball gun. We did some extensive testing with multiple guns to construct this calculator. Using a digital pressure gauge, we determined how many shots we could get with a fixed volume and pressure, then we adjust for different size paintball tanks and pressures. One of the best we tested was a Timmy, and while one of our favorite guns, the Shocker turned out to be the biggest gas pig. The Tippmann A5 ended up dead middle on our tests - even with the air feed hopper. Note that your results may vary, as what chrono speed your paintball gun is set for, how dry or oiled your o-rings are, etc will cause some variations to these numbers.

Gas Pig   |  Below Average   |   Average   |   Very Efficient
How Big is your Tank?
What Pressure in PSI?
Number of Shots
Use Numbers only - for example for Tank - 47 or 68 or 92 etc. For Pressure 2500 or 3000 or 4500 etc.

Now keep in mind, this can vary, and if you want some more help in picking out the tank for you, check out our Which Tank Should I get? question.

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