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Scuba Lessons and Scuba Certification

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ScubaToys is proud to be the leader for Scuba Lessons & Scuba Certifications in the north Dallas area. We have students from Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Little Elm, Frisco, Arlington, Denton and more, that come to get their scuba certifications at our shop.

With our huge indoor heated pool, your scuba certification class will have all the water time you need, and students who take their scuba lessons at our facility are welcome to use our pool anytime they want to practice their skills, either during, or after their scuba certification.

We welcome you to browse the scuba certification courses we have listed here, and feel free to stop by and visit our facility.

Learn or Review Your Dive Tables Free!
Table Tutor
Need to learn or review your dive tables?? This is the perfect tool for you. The Computerized Table tutor pops up Dive tables right on your screen and randomly generates first dive, surface interval, missing surface interval, and repetitive dive table questions.

Not just a testing software, the Table Tutor will show you the answer to any of its 82 Billion Questions right on the table by drawing out the answer, or you can view the answer on a Dive Profile - complete with full explanations.

No downloads Needed… simply click on this Table Tutor link and start learning!

Free, Zilch, Zero, Nada, Nothing!

Open Water Scuba Diving Certification

Open Water Scuba Class
Let the underwater adventure begin!! Take an open water scuba diving class and be ready to dive blue water in as little as two weekends. Our professional scuba certification instructional staff will teach you the basic skills you need to safely enjoy and explore the underwater world.
  • Weekend and Weeknight Scuba Classes

  • Private Scuba Certifications Available

  • Indoor Heated Pool

End of Summer Special $199.95       More Info!

Advanced Open Water Scuba Lessons
Advabced Open Water Scuba Class
Open the Door to deep diving, navigation, night diving and Three elective dives such as Photography or maybe a underwater scooter dive, with the continued education of an Advanced Scuba Certification Class. This is your chance to have 6 more dives under the guidance of our instructors.
  • Scuba Class's start the first Monday of the month and out to Lake Travis in Austin the following weekend!

  • Increase your knowledge and experience.

  • Come camp and cook out with our staff! Or if you're like me and your idea of camping is they forgot to put a mint on your pillow! Then stay at one of the fine hotels in the Austin area!
$249.95       More Info!


Nitrox Class NITROX is not a technical underwater breathing gas. In fact, the success and popularity of nitrox today is a result of the remarkable safety record of many thousands of recreational divers using nitrox since 1985.
If you want to learn the advantages of breathing NITROX try our Nitrox Scuba Certification course.

  • Scuba Class's are held on the middle Wednesday every month! Start Time is 6:30pm. and runs tell 9:30pm.

  • If you are looking to maximize your bottom time and build in a safety margin against decompression sickness, this scuba class is a must!

  • You can audit the class any time for Free!
$99.95       More Info!

Rescue Scuba Class

Rescue Class A Rescue Scuba Class will help prepare you for any type of scuba diving emergency. This certification is mandatory to move on to Divemaster and instructor - but should not be thought of as a class for professionals only. Picture yourself in a Diving situation where there is an emergency. Do you have the training and experience to handle the situation? After this scuba class, you will!
  • Scuba Class's are held every other month.

  • You must be CPR certified by the end of your rescue class.

  • The Scuba Certification Class takes three weeks consisting of two class room nights, two pool nights and a weekend at the lake (clear springs)
$249.95       More Info!

Dan Oxygen Provider

DAN Oxygen Provider The DAN Oxygen Provider course gives you hands on experience in the proper administration of oxygen to dive accident victims. DAN, the Divers Alert Network is a non-profit organization affiliated with Duke University Medical hospital. Because of the importance of oxygen during diving emergencies, DAN has developed this course that should be a must for any diver!
  • Class's are held in conjunction with Rescue class.

  • Upon completion you will receive a DAN O2 Provider Card which will allow you to purchase Medical Oxygen without a prescription.

  • a portion of class fees goes directly to aid in DAN research
$99.95       More Info!


DiveMaster The NAUI Divemaster rating is the highest NAUI leadership-level certification with the exception of Instructor. The program is designed to train experienced and knowledgeable divers to organize and conduct enjoyable open water dives for certified divers.
  • If you are ready to take the step to becoming a professional, Divemaster Certification is your course.

  • During the scuba course your swimming, snorkeling, towing, rescue, and diving skills will also be evaluated and improved upon. At the completion of a Divemaster course, you will be able to carry Professional Liability Insurance and independently supervise divers.
$550.00 Plus materials.       More Info!

Nitrox Class

If becoming an instructor is your goal - We can help. We are a Pro Platinum Instructor Training center for NAUI. Below you will find the information on the ITP, Instructor Training Program. If you are already an instructor with another agency and wish to renew your teaching status, or join a more progressive agency, you might be interested in the Naui Instructor Cross-Over Program.
  • In a confined water environment, candidates will review and perfect all the basic diving skills, obtaining demonstration quality of the skills.

  • In the Open Water portion of the course, instructor candidates will be taught, then assessed in all aspects of dealing with students in the Open Water environment. The Instructor Trainer will run multiple drills with each candidate so they can master all aspects of the check out dives.
$1600.00 Plus materials.       More Info!

       We also offer Instructor Trainer and Course Director class's. Call for info!

  • Open Water
  • Advanced
  • Rescue
  • Dan O2
  • Divemaster
  • Instructor
  • Nitrox

  • Or you can learn or review your gas laws: Charles, Boyle, or Dalton's laws.

    Or maybe you need a brush up on your Dive Tables. You can do that by downloading the shareware version of The Computerized Table Tutor. This PC based software lets you practice doing first table, surface interval, repetitive dive and missing surface interval questions for 9 different dive tables - metric or imperial. And you can even input your own questions!

    And if you're looking for the ultimate resource for Scuba, it has to be the US Navy Dive Manual. You can view it on line, or download it. Check it out in the US Navy Dive Manual area.

    We hope you find these pages helpful!

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